Line Scan Lens
      Line scan lens for 16k 5μ camera

      Line scan lens for 16k 5μ camera

      designed for 16k5μ large-area scan camera
      Features of Products

        LS16B series is designed for 16k5μ large-area scan camera.

        The lens can reach 82mm image size and the actual resolution can reach 160 lp/mm.

        Support 16k5μ cameras which image size is 82mm.

        Resolution can reach 160lp/mm which provide higher contrast for the cameras.

        Minimum optical distortion less than 1 pixle

        FNo. 3.8

      Specification of Products
      Product NO.Image SizeResolutionStandard MagnificationF/NO.EFLTV DistortionRelative illuminationWorking DistanceConjugate DistanceMechanical Mount specification
      LS1603Bφ8216K0.33x4120<0.005%90%534.64757.63V product
      LS1605Bφ8216K0.5x4120<0.002%90%390.66636.99V product
      LS1620Bφ8216K2x4120<0.002%90%166.35636.99V product
      LS1626Bφ8216K0.26x4116<0.001%90%663.34874.3V product
      LS1630Bφ8216K3x4120<0.001%90%143.02757.63V product
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